the 'Monique Ming Laven hot' market is simply too volatile.
Theteet.blogspot.com will no longer proudly serve as Google's #2, #3, #1 & #2, or, sadly, the #8 reference for keywords 'Monique Ming Laven hot.'

However, we are pleased to simultaneously announce that as of 10 p.m. today, we are the #3 reference for 'Megan Pringle hot' -- without quotes, of course, as it's the common man's search.

Go ahead, try it out over there on the side. And be sure to click often.

Thanks to the heroes who brought me to the top for one glorious day. You have no idea how far you can fall until you've climbed the highest mountain.

Readership is up to Pre-Lent 2006 Levels, and I can attribute at least 3 percent of that surge to the person(s) who comes here every day searching for Megan Pringle's hotness. We try not to disappoint.

Warmest Regards,
the management.

posted by Class of 2000 officers @ 7:49 PM  
  • At 06 February, 2007 12:21, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 06 February, 2007 15:03, Blogger The Experimental Dater said…

    I just did a Google search for 'Monique Ming Laven hot' and theteet.blogspot was the #1 reference. Interesting...

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